Exploring New Zealand #12: Queenstown – World’s Adventure Capital

Last episode on the Exploring New Zealand series! Watch also Fox Glacier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veKAoe_GfJQ

No trip to New Zealand is completed without Queenstown, the world’s adventure capital. Bungy jump, jetboating (Shotover river), helicopter, paragliding, river rafting, snowboard, ice-skating, quadbike (ATV), hiking, luge… the possibilities are many, if you have the money and the time.

We decided to do ice-skating, the famous Shotover Jet (jetboating), helicopter and luge (plus gondola + Skyline that comes with the luge).

Luge is a smaller-than-a-kart, unmotorised vehicle that only goes down the hill on a purpose built track. The Shotover Jet is the most popular jetboating in Queenstown. It is on the Shotover River and boats can reach 80km/h, going very close to the rocks and doing some 360 degrees stunt. They say they have the most exciting jet-boat trip in the world. I wouldn’t argue.

Atenção brasileiros: esse episódio está legendado em português!

I hope everyone enjoyed this Exploring New Zealand series and don’t forget to watch the other episodes. We have covered over 1,500km from North to South, by plane and by bus. We started in Auckland and went to Wellington, Christchurch, Fox Glacier and finished in Queenstown, spending 2 weeks in New Zealand. And it is all here in high-definition (HD) videos!

Thanks for watching!
Diogo Kyrillos

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