“I Am Free” Sydney Walking Tour #3: Sydney Tower, Hyde Park & Barracks (Brasileiro na Australia)

Third video of the Sydney Walking Tour with the guide from “I Am Free” Sydney tour. This Sydney tour starts just next to the Sydney Town Hall and St Andrew`s Cathedral. Now we go through the Hyde Park to check out the Hyde Park Barracks Museum and the Sydney Tower!

Brasileiros na Australia ja procura logo passeio gratuito pra conhecer Sydney! Obviamente o guia fala em ingles, mas em outra oportunidade visitarei alguns desses lugares de novo explicando em portugues. Nesse video conhecemos um dos mais belos parques de Sydney, o Hyde Park, e outras atracoes na redondeza como a Sydney Tower e o museu Hyde Park Barracks Museum.


The Hyde Park Barracks are at the southern end of Macquarie Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The barracks are located near the north-east corner of Hyde Park, opposite Queens Square and beside the Sydney Mint. Hyde Park Barracks were designed by the colonial architect Francis Greenway and built between 1818 and 1819[1]. It is managed by the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales as a museum that is open to the public for a modest fee.
Constructed by convict labour in the 19th century, the Barracks is one of the most familiar works of the accomplished colonial England-born, Australian architect Francis Greenway. As the principal male convict barracks in New South Wales it provided lodgings for convicts working in government employment around Sydney until its closure in mid 1848.
It has had many occupants since then. It was an Immigration Depot for single female immigrants seeking work as domestic servants and awaiting family reunion from 1848 to 1886 and also a female asylum from 1862 to 1886. From 1887 to 1979 law courts and government offices were based at the Barracks.

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