Living in Lima (Peru) #8: Kennedy Park in Miraflores

Living in Lima (Peru) #8: Kennedy Park in Miraflores
We continue showing some places in the Miraflores vicinity, because that’s a popular area for tourists. So after visiting the Huaca Pucllana Archaeological Site, in Miraflores, we go to the Kennedy Park! Many celebrations are made there, there are many painters presenting their work every Sunday… but for us, the main attraction is the cats! There are many cats living in the park and they are beautiful and well cared by the locals.
Ah, ali perto ainda tem um restaurante brasileiro!

We stayed for 2 months living is this amazing country, studying Spanish and travelling from North to South. First, we lived for a few weeks in the capital, Lima, and on this video series I will show our Spanish school in Miraflores, the community we lived in Surco, the historic city centre and many other tourist attractions. Prepare to see archaeology sites, museums, churches, parks and even the crazy car traffic!

Our vlog series in Peru is coming to an end, but I still have to show the History and Archaeology Museum, the water fountain show, the Peruvian drink Pisco Sour and the Peruvian singing dog!

Diogo Kyrillos

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