Magical Peru #7: Chiclayo

After visiting Trujillo region, which included Chan Chan (Huaca del Dragon), the pyramids of Huaca de la Luna and Huaca del Sol, of the Moche ancient culture, the Chimu empire, and Huanchaco, a popular beach resort for Trujillo residents, we headed North to Chiclayo, where we will visit the Tumbas reales de Sipán (Tomb of Sipan) and one of the best museums in Peru.

Founded in the mid-16th century, Chiclayo is a comercial hub and northern Peru’s second largest city after Trujillo. Chiclayo serves as the most convinient starting point to visit all major aschaeological and historical features in the area.

We started out trip around Peru from the capital, Lima, the main entry point for foreigners arriving in Peru. From Lima, we went to Trujillo, Huanchaco, Chiclayo, Arequipa, Chivay, Canyon de Colca, Puno, Lago Titicaca, Cusco, Valle Sagrado, Aguas Caliente and, of course, Machu Pichu. On the way, we visited many archaeological sites and learnt about the ancient civilizations that made pre-Columbian Peru.

After departing Lima, we headed to the North Coast. In Trujillo we stayed at the Hotel Colonial, which you can see on one of the previous videos. From Trujillo we visited the cities of Huanchaco and Chiclayo, and the archaeological sites of Huaca de la Luna, Huaca del Sol, Chan Chan and the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, including their museums.

Após passar algumas semanas apenas em Lima estudando espanhol e conhecendo o que a capital peruana tem a oferecer, nós partimos para explorar o país. Começando pela região Norte, fomos até Trujillo, Chiclayo, Huanchaco, Huacas del Sol e de la Luna, Chan Chan e o sítio arqueológico da Tumba do Lorde Sipán. Depois, descemos pelo Sul do Perú, em lugares como Arequipa e Lago Titicaca, e terminamos nossa jornada no interior, em Cusco e Machu Pichu.
Diogo Kyrillos

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