Sydney Harbour Nightfall Time Lapse [HD]: 30 Minutes in a 3-minute Video

Sydney Harbour Nightfall Time Lapse, seem from the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards the harbour and the Opera House on a beautiful summer afternoon. The normal video took almost 30 minutes and I compressed into about 3 minutes. Watch the ferries and boats pass by, the trains in Circula Quay come and go and the building lights turning on as the night falls in the skyline.

The high definition HD quality worked quite well but when it gets too dark the image gets a bit gloomy. I will do another time lapse video in Sydney in the future, probably from a different angle of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Filmed in HD high definition.

On the next time-lapse video, I go to Mrs Macquaries Point to see a different angle of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
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Video de um brasileiro na Australia mostrando o cair da noite na baia de Sydney (Sydney Harbour), olhando pra Opera House a partir da Harbour Bridge. Veja outros videos de um brasileiro em Sydney em

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