Three Foreigners in Bondi Beach For The First Time #1 (of 2) [HD] (Sydney, Australia)

Part 1 (of 2): One Brazilian, one Italian and one Indonesian in Bondi Beach for the first time. Is it really the hottest beach on the planet? Does it deserve the title of the best Australian beach? How interesting is Bondi, in Sydney, for 3 friends from totally different backgrounds?

This video starts still on the bus on its way to Bondi but we also show the streets, shops, restaurants and we found the famous Bondi lifeguards, who became popular in the TV show Bondi Rescue, shown on many channels around the world including the National Geographic Channel. Even the TV show intro/opening is here, the boys in blue, straight from channel 10 (Australia)!

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With sharks in the water, thieves on land, broken bones, overdoses, fights and mass rescues, the lifeguards of Bondi Beach have their hands full watching over the millions of tourists and locals who flock to the area each year.

Bondi Rescue shows that while having an office at the beach can certainly have its perks, these rugged Australian lifeguards risk it all patrolling from sunrise to sundown while keeping beachgoers safe. Whether it is launching a mass ocean rescue effort, preparing for a racial riot or even playing Santa Claus on Christmas, these lifeguards have a work hard, play hard attitude that makes a visit to Bondi a once in a lifetime experience.

Filled with life-and-death rescues, shark sightings, and a few humorous encounters with some over zealous party-goers, each episode delivers a shot of drama and heart-pumping adrenaline. With rescue board cameras, helicopter footage and behind the scenes access, get side-by-side the lifeguards as they put themselves in danger to help save others in Bondi beach.

Bondi Beach attracts tourists from all over the world, specially British, US Americans, Canadians, Italians, Brazilians, Germans, Russians, Saudi Arabians, etc (roughly in this order). Manly Beach is the second most popular beach in Sydney.

Um brasileiro numa das praias mais famosas da Australia, Bondi Beach! Veja mais videos de um brasileiro na Australia, incluindo varios filmes em Sydney, em

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